Saveur Restaurant Simonstown is situated at the Simonstown Waterfront offering views, while dining, of the yacht basin, naval harbour, the mountains and of False Bay.

The Simonstown Waterfront Shops are year round abuzz with foreign and local tourist and Saveur’s European Styled menu is popular among many. While great numbers of tourists visit the Simonstown Waterfront , especially during summer months we aim to be a destination restaurant, the reason you would want to visit Simonstown and not rely on being a convenience restaurant only discovered by passing tourists and Cape Town locals by accident.

Our weekday specials are popular with local Cape Town residents. Foreign visitors are welcome to come and experience these great evenings as well.

Both local and foreign diners can expect great food but equally important personal attention from the owner operator and their friendly professional staff.

The open view of the Kitchen area allows for special events such as entertaining food and wine pairings by the the friendly and experienced chefs as well as the use of 1 of the 3 dining areas for special functions. (Enquire here about your special event or function needs).

An exclusive afternoon or evening with the Chef for your small group is a great idea for a year end office function or special event like your birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Most importantly diners visiting Saveur should expect to find a warm and friendly reception by professional and caring staff, European styled food prepared from fresh ingredients and presented with pride as well as a relaxed atmosphere to dine while the beauty of False Bay and the Mountains surrounding Simonstown perfects your dining experience.

If you do like the experience please tell others and also visit Trip Advisor if you are contributor. In the unfortunate event of you not being happy with the experience please tell us by either calling the owner operator immediately or complete the feedback form. We take our customer experiences very seriously and also welcome suggestions on how to improve on our offering.

Saveur Simonstown has a small kiddies play area so that diners with young children can also enjoy a relaxed meal on the adjacent outside veranda.

Picture above: Outside veranda with kiddies play area in background



Friendly and in sight professional chefs taking their work seriously!

Picture above: Second outside veranda area with clear view of Simonstown Yacht basin and Waterfront

Professional food presentation completes the pride in our food and your enjoyable dining experience.

Picture above : Great prawns to be had at Saveur Restaurant Simonstown.

Remember Thursdays from 5 pm are seafood special night

This dining area overlooking Simonstown yacht basin can be booked by a private group for functions by prior arrangement. Seats 20. The immediate outside veranda area can also be combined and also seats 20.

Some of our decor emphasizing our European styled food and dining experience.

Simonstown yacht basin

Simonstown Waterfront Shopping Centre. 

Saveur Restaurant is situated at the second floor entrance to the Simonstown Waterfront Shopping centre

Below are some more pictures of Saveur Simonstown and the immediate surrounds.

Photo Gallery
Saveur Restaurant Simonstown

Saveur Restaurant in Simonstown is situated at the Waterfront Shopping Centre. Amazing views of the surrounding mountains and Simonstown yacht basin abound. Here are some pictures of Saveur restaurant in Simonstown and the Simonstown Waterfront.

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